Camp EnJOY

Camp EnJOY

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We finished our 2nd year of Camp EnJOY this past summer! We were so blessed to have 2 American teams from Aberdeen, SD and New York serving along side our 33 staff. 72 kids attended –half from believing families, half un-churched. This year’s theme was Narnia!  Every day the campers were taught to defeat their enemies of disobedience, offense, fear, greed, envy and time-killers with God’s help. These enemies would come and try to lure them away to their traps, but they had Aslan come and inspire them to overcome all evil with good. Throughout the camp there were battles between good and evil, different quests on courage, endurance and ingenuity and a final battle on the last day.  Please pray for our local teams to minister to each of these kids and their families in the coming year!

Last year we held our very first Camp EnJOY. 105 children attended the camp from 4 different towns and villages and 3 different churches. Many of these children were un-churched and by the end of the camp, nearly 1/2 made a first-time commitment to Christ. Praise! God.

Days at camp are filled with morning exercises, sessions, skits, capture the chicken, Bible lessons, English lessons, crafts, and much much more!

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