Local Church Ministry

Local Church Ministry

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    • “After you left I took the coal into my hands and looked at it and cried again. I just couldn’t believe it was all true.”
      -- Tanya

Arise! Ukraine values the local church and believes that the local church is God’s number one instrument for world evangelism.


All Arise! Ukraine activities are done in conjunction with local church pastors and other leaders

We have been partnering with Pastor Igor and his wife, Olga, who minister in the conflict zone in eastern Ukraine. Pastor Igor took over the church in the area several years ago and his mission is to bring people to Christ through personal evangelism and to help meet people’s physical needs.

His church serves the elderly, widowed and single mothers while also reaching out in hospitals, at alcohol rehabcenters, and in three schools.

As the conflict continues, many people are left with little or no money to purchase food for their families and coal to heat their homes. With God’s help, we have been able to help Pastor Igor purchase these important items. Also, the church is growing with new believers preparing to be baptized! We are grateful for the work of Pastor Igor and his church and the fruit that is being produced in the midst of difficult circumstances.

Other Local church ministry includes:

  • Preaching/teaching
  • Youth Group ministry
  • Evangelism outreach
  • Ministry to families
  • U.S. local church to Ukraine local church ministry