“New Hope” Refugee Ministry

“New Hope” Refugee Ministry


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    • Testimony!

      “I’m a refugee from Lugansk. I’ve got 2 kids and both of them had teeth problems. Treatment at the hospital is very expensive and with my income, I can't afford it. Thanks to this free dental work, my son and daughter got their teeth repaired. I express gratitude to all the doctors and providers and for their kind-hardheartedness, understanding and their help in our uneasy situation. "
      Svetlana, 44 years old.

Since the beginning of the conflict in eastern Ukraine in 2014, more than 1.65 million people have been driven from their homes and forced to flee to outlying towns and other oblasts—leaving virtually everything behind.

There is little government aid available to these internally displaced people. For example:

  • an able-bodied individual receives apprx: $25.00/mo.
  • disabled people receive: $55.00/mo
  • Children and retired people receive: $50.00/mo.

That amount is not enough to support an individual, even if they live in a state-run shelter. According to the most recent data, 63% of the refugees only have money for food, while 24% of the participants admitted that they often cannot afford to buy food at all.

Arise! Ukraine and Light of Life Church have been helping these refugees in many areas of the country since 2014 through the ―”New Hope” refugee program. We are currently assisting refugees living in the small town of Boiarka, about 10 miles from the capital of Kyiv. Significant amounts of food, clothing, cleaning supplies, personal hygiene items and medicine have been disbursed. Recipients are also invited to meetings at the church. Since April 2016,  87 families, 200 refugees w/children have been helped. We have 108 people attending meetings at the church, 71 of these individuals have prayed to receive Christ, & 8 of these new believers now attend church services at Light of Life Church.

Recently we helped refugees with dental care, school supplies, and winter boots! 

Refugees join church members to pray and share a meal

As we pass along blessings, many are very thankful. They say the words they are hearing from the Bible touch them and bring tears to their eyes. God is working.

Also, because of this ministry, we are seeing refugees helping and serving each other. They are finding out about each other‘s needs, praying for each other and searching for solutions. As the spring begins, we are hoping to help many other refugees in need. Will you help us by praying and giving financially?

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