It is estimated that there are some one hundred thousand orphans in Ukraine’s 450 orphanages with an additional one hundred thousand orphans on the streets.

  • Up to 10% of orphans commit suicide after leaving the orphanage before their 18th birthday
  • Up to 60% of 16 year old girls released from orphanages become prostitutes
  • Up to 70% of 16 year old boys released from orphanages become involved in crime
  • It is estimated that only 27% of orphans are able to find work after leaving the orphanage
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For over 15 years, God has been using Arise! Ukraine to assist orphanages in Ukraine by feeding, clothing, and caring for the Ukrainian children. This is only possible through the support and prayers of our partners.

It is our prayer that by the age of 16, each child will know Christ as Savior and follow Him as Lord..