Artyom Yankov

Artyom Yankov

Hello! My name is Artyom Yankov and I help coordinate evangelism training and I set up all the technical aspects of the “Fire of Hope” Conferences.

I was born in Krivoy Rog, Ukraine and when I was 8, my mom and I moved to a smaller town where my mom re-married. My step-father was a drug addict and when it was time for my little sister to go to school, we were very poor so I had to find a way to provide for her. I wasn’t able to make enough money, so I began stealing. Then one day, I came home to my step-father threatening my sister. He was telling her he would hook her up on drugs and so I beat him. I then left home and began to live in shelters. While on the streets at age 15, I was approached by two guys who tried to share the Gospel with me. I didn’t want to listen because I knew I wouldn’t be able to say that I didn’t know this God so I just apologized and turned around and left. The only thing they managed to tell me was, “Jesus died for you.”

10 months later, I accepted Christ and almost immediately was trained to share my faith. The person who discipled me was one of the men who tried to share with me months earlier.

I met Paul Logan when he brought several youth to our church for evangelism training. I went on a few trips with him, helping him promote evangelism in the country and training young people to share Christ. As of September 2013, I’ve been involved in the ministry full-time.

"Fire of Hope" Ministry Relations, "Not Alone" Orphan Ministry
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