Valya Novikova

Valya Novikova


My name is Valentina Novikova and I am 19 and currently studying at a university in Kiev to become an accountant. While attending university, I’m working as an assistant accountant for Arise! Ukraine. This opportunity allows me to apply what I have been studying.

I was born and raised in a Christian family so I’ve known Jesus since a young age. At the age of 17, I began to serve at Light of Life Church in my home town. I enjoy serving people and I also love to sing on the worship team. Doing something for God is truly amazing!

Last summer, Paul Logan invited me to be a part of his team and I’ve already had many unforgettable memories and experiences that include helping  organize and serve at our evangelism camp and working as a counselor at our children’s camp where I shared Jesus with kids.  God continues to help me grow as a Christian and I’m happy to do what I can.

Photographer, "Not Alone" Orphan Ministry, "New Hope" Refugee Ministry
Katerina Kozelkova
Accounting, Administrative Assistant, Interpreter
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