New Boots and Winter Jackets for 53 Children!

New Boots and Winter Jackets for 53 Children!

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Recently, we bought boots and winter jackets for 53 children! We Praise God and thank Kingdom Capital Fund of Sioux Falls, SD for their generous help.


« I’m very grateful for these winter shoes for my son. I didn’t have any opportunity to buy them by myself, because the money I make is only enough to pay for the apartment and food. I’m so thankful to God for his mercy and for people who serve us. Oxana, Tima’s mom»

«This fall went by very quickly even though it’s been relatively warm. I was getting more and more worried because the winter was close and my son had no jacket to wear. In fact, he had no warm clothes at all. I was asking God to help me solve this problem. When Sveta let us know that someone had donated the funds for us to purchase winter coats and boots, it was a huge blessing for our family and most importantly it was an answer to our prayers and a confirmation that our all mighty Father never leaves His children! Polina»

«Our family is so grateful for the winter shoes for our son. We couldn’t afford shoes for him because he has got flat feet and he needed special shoes which is expensive. In addition to that, he got injured in school and we had to pay for a medical examination. My husband and I have a small income so it was a big blessing for us. In this hard period of our lives it’s so important to know that there are people that are not indifferent… Thank you so much. Irina»

«I thank God for all those who helped us to buy winter shoes for our children. We have got two children and they didn’t know what new clothes looked like. Because of high prices and our small income, we can’t afford anything new. We buy clothes in second hand stores. Now my children are anxiously waiting for winter when they can put new shoes on. Marina»

«I’m on maternity leave so I’m currently not working. I couldn’t afford a new winter coat for my child. Thank you for your help! Tatyana»

«We are refugees from the East. We have got two children and one of them has a disability. Winter is coming, and we can’t afford new shoes for our children. We spend all our finances on rent and food. We are so grateful for these gifts!!! The Zvyagincevs family»