Clothing Drive (2015)

Clothing Drive (2015)

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Clothing Drive 2015

On September 11 & 12 2015, Arise! Ukraine & Sioux Falls First hosted a clothing drive to aid hundreds of Ukrainian refugees with clothing and supplies.

Dozens of volunteers spent time collecting, sorting and packing warm clothing and supplies for the people of Ukraine. By the time the clothing was shipped, 1080 boxes were headed to the Ukraine. Also, we were able to raise $6580.00 to go towards the shipping costs.

The people in Ukraine are in deep need and this shipment of clothing was  a great blessing.

Thank YOU for your part in this!

Read the testimony below:

Svetlana from the town of Kurakhovo shared a story of how friends and family all came together for somebody’s Birthday celebration and the day seemed fine when all of a sudden the building shook as if there was an earthquake. Naturally everyone ran out into the hallway to figure out what happened. When they got to the hallway they saw a frightening picture – a bomb stuck between the stairs. It broke through several floors damaging water, gas, and electricity lines at the same time and they never had heating since then. Water was easier to find but cooking and heating became impossible. She was wearing old ripped gloves and very old clothes. She says she was very happy that the church helped in every way they could especially when it was the time the government was trying to hide the facts. She now attends the church regularly

*We want to give a special thanks to those who helped organize the drive. Thank you Chernatinskis, Dumanskys, Susan Even, Muriel & Bill Plooster, Julie Hutchinson, Ashley VanWyhe, Justice for All and Sioux Falls First!