Since the armed conflict that began in 2014 in Crimea and eastern Ukraine, the nation has been under constant siege and in sustained social, military and economic duress.

Over 10,000 citizens have been killed, many more are injured, missing or displaced and thousands of square miles of land and resources have been ravaged.

Currently 1.65 million people fleeing from the conflict are resettling and finding jobs to provide for their families with little hope of returning home.

So far, by God’s grace, your help and the generosity of Kingdom Capital Fund, we’ve been able to help these war victims with
  • food
  • clothing
  • medicine
  • winter boots
  • dental care
  • eye tests and glasses
  • school supplies
  • apartment rental
  • surgeries
  • household appliances
  • Christmas gifts
  • supplies to start new small businesses
  • and much more!

Please pray for continued openness to the Gospel and that many of these dear people will become disciples of Jesus Christ.

For news on what is happening in Ukraine go to the link below.